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Your hormones, demystified

We’re Pexxi and we’ll help you understand your hormones so you can feel your best (every day, not just certain times of the month).

Our first stop? Personalised contraception. We’ll work out exactly what your body needs so you can pick the contraceptive that best suits YOU (not your mate Sally down the road).

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So, how can we help you?

We call our work ‘contraceptive health’ rather than simply ‘contraception.’ We don’t just prescribe your personalised pill, we focus on your overall health.

There are so many contraceptives out there. We’ll look at all the options to find your perfect fit. Plus, we’re on hand to answer your questions along the way!

The result? Better health that starts with your hormones.

For too long, there’s been a sense of stigma attached to the way hormones influence our feelings and behaviour. Let’s change the narrative and work with our hormones, not against them.

Why we’re doing it

For way too long, those of us with cycles have had to suffer physical and emotional side effects from our contraception. Depression, weight gain, acne; just some of the delightful stuff we’ve kind of just ‘had’ to accept.

But there is another way! We’re passionate (okay, we’re absolutely, unapologetically obsessed with) closing the gender gap to create a more balanced healthcare industry

Our world is one where technology and science come together to make a difference in real people’s lives. A world where everyone (yes, even those of us with cycles) has the right to feel their best.

Who we are

Our story began when our Co-Founder Shardi Nahavandi was misdiagnosed with bowel cancer. After taking on two health degrees, she diagnosed herself with a hormone imbalance and made it her mission to ensure our hormones are given the attention they deserve.

She joined forces with Co-Founder, Peter Fish, a precision medicine-focused doctor and scientist. Today, we’re a formidable team of doctors, scientists, and engineers from Imperial College London, UCL, and Stanford Medical Centre, and we’re backed by many of the world’s strongest scientific institutions such as The Crick Institute, UCL, and Cambridge University.

Come join us (we dare you)

Our community is growing every day, and we’d love for you to be part of it. By signing up, you get the chance to shape the future of the medical system and our service.

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